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Casino Run

Casino Run is one game that you cannot do without! Its 3D interface takes you in the middle of the game! Its a never-ending adrenaline rush!

This game takes you in the middle of a casino. After winning loads of dinero its time to hit the door! But your bitter opponents wants a piece of you. So head straight into the exit. Dodge the obstacles and get as much coins as possible!

Kids Car, Vehicles Puzzle Game -Android

This app is a must for Babies, toddlers, preschoolers and other children 1year to 6 years old.
A super fun puzzle game for toddlers and kids ages 1 through 6. Game features 16 cartoon vehicles including sports cars, police cars, construction vehicles, utility trucks and emergency vehicles. With 20 puzzles to complete, children will be spend quality time improving motor skills and cognitive abilities.
As children finish a puzzle, they will be rewarded with a fun balloon popping celebration. Watch as your childs eye go wide with excitement as they pop the last bubble after each solved puzzle.


Cavity Critters is a fun way to remind you when it's time to brush your teeth. You can set up daily alerts that will remind you to brush twice each day. You can pick from two different critters that will guide you through the brushing process. With fun sounds and animations, your brush time will become a fun and healthy experience!

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Alpaca Run - The Impossible Jump Escape Relay

A 1-touch adventure! Alpaca Run is a fun and addictive relay style skill game. It's a great way to pass time and it's totally free!

Alan the Alpaca is trying to escape the apocalypse by climbing as fast as he can. He'll need to avoid the holes while moving FAST to escape certain doom!

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