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Fingerprint Tracker

Currently the most impressive and realistic fingerprint trick application on the market. Check out the screen shots and try it yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Blow away your friends and family and make them believe you have access to an actual fingerprint tracker. Using two hidden buttons before scanning will activate the RECORD FOUND outcome, and your victim's first and last name will show up, together with a crime that you want to associate with them. To see their reaction is priceless!

Without pressing the two hidden buttons, the outcome will be NO RECORD FOUND. Scan your own fingerprint before fooling your victim to make it even more realistic!

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Face2Face is an application used to supplement treatment for facial paralysis caused by Bell's Palsy, stroke and acoustic neuroma. Facial palsy is treated by general rehabilitative therapy and for these patients; those who exercise their facial muscles recover more quickly than those who do not. However, many of these patients avoid mirrors due to the anxiety of looking at their asymmetric facial features. Face2Face mirrors the healthy side of the face over the unhealthy side, which allows for patients to exercise their facial muscles, while seeing their face wholly healthy. This type of biofeedback therapy has been proven effective through extensive research with patients who experience phantom limb pain. The application also features educational materials and videos, and allows patients to monitor their progress, connect with physical therapists and support groups.

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Sky War 3D - Super Sonic Jet Fighter

This is the awesome game which is developed in unity IDE. This one is the awesome game which we did. This game is developed for iOS as well android.
this is the universal game for each device in iOS as well in android.

Following is the list of items which I did:
1) Create Main Menu.
2) Create Player select screen.
3) Create Level select screen.
4) Added 2 new level.
5) Add ad network.
6) Add InApp Purchase.
7) change All 3D object and all graphics as well.

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Lotto Scratchers - Lottery Tickets Game

The game play is really cool and keeps many people happy any time of day. The chances of getting the jackpot, can be unbearable!

This game is universal and its screens looking very nice. In that I implemented all ads, game centre, inApp Purchase of coins.

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Flappy Turtle - The Bird Is Gone!

Flappy Turtle is one of the most exciting games and too addictive.
Its universal game. In that game I did all advertisement and game centre etc.

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